Halo donates a bowl to animals in need with every purchase.

After Hurricane Michael, Felines Get Much Needed Help

The Dothan Police Foundation Inc. is an independent, non-for-profit organization established to improve community relationships through the Police Education and Traning program, the Community First Initiative and the Pro-Life Animal Service Program working with Dothan Animal shelter and other animal groups. 

Because of Hurricane Michael, shelters experienced a higher number of animal, canine and felines in the last quarter of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019. Thanks to a food donation with Halo’s partners, Freekibble.com and GreaterGood.org, the Dothan Police Foundation is making a difference in Alabama and surrounding communities. Here’s what they had to say about their recent Halo donation:

“We would again like to express our sincere appreciation for helping to feed our felines during one of the peak times at our shelter due to hurricane Michael. We rely on generous donations such as Halo Food/Greater Good, food drives, our local community, the Wiregrass Spay & Neuter Clinic, animal group partners as well as other sources to help accomplish our mission to save as many animals as possible. It is our goal to all but eliminate our euthanasia rate.”

Thank you Dothan Police Foundation for making a WHOLE lot of difference for pets in your community.

18 thoughts on “After Hurricane Michael, Felines Get Much Needed Help”

  1. Thank you, again, Halo!!!! We gratefully appreciate Halo’s commitment to assisting animals in need of assistance and thank you for producing a quality product. Since switching over to Halo, our cat’s health and vitality have improved considerably.

  2. Thank you to the Dothan Police Foundation for stepping up to care for some of the most helpless victims of Hurricane Michael. You represent the best of who we are in the face of disaster. Bravo!

  3. Your efforts are appreciated and only by the kitties bye-bye all animal lovers who do the best they can to help animals in need when they can you guys are heroes !

  4. Thanks SO much for those people with kind hearts,and generous spirits who helped at the shelter;they are saving lives of animals they will never see,but,whose lives have been forever changed.

  5. it surprises me how many people will leave for safety yet they will leave their pets to fend for themselves. Thank heavens there are people like you who care and will help them survive.

  6. This is just wonderful! I’m so happy to know there are people who really care about the animals! My husband and I have been taking in stray cats since 1991. At the moment we have 20 in our care. We love them all and give them a forever home with us.

  7. Thank you all for reaching out to all of these innocent and defenseless animals. I wish that there were more people like you all on this Planet. XXOO

  8. Thank you to everyone who help save animals by volunteering, donating, fostering and signing very important petitions. YOU ARE ALL

    THANK YOU……………….

  9. Sadly, there is still much to be done in the area of Mexico Beach. Thousands of trees are still down and accessible is problematic in some spots. Fire is a MAJOR concern. And another tropical system would be a true catastrophe.

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Halo donates a bowl to animals in Need for every purchase. #HaloFeedItForward