6 Ways to Pamper Your Dog

delicious dog treats

As pet parents, we love to spoil our dogs. So it’s no wonder we are always looking for ways to make them happy. Below are a few things to keep your dog mentally, emotionally and physically happy and healthy. 

  1. Take a stroll outside. Dogs love walks because they get a chance to explore the outside world. When they sniff they are learning about their environment. So make sure to give your pup plenty of time to sniff and, of course, an opportunity to do his business. 
  2. Get a new toy. Dogs absolutely love new toys. Heck, you can even make one yourself.

  3. Treat training.This is really beneficial for the both of you because there’s nothing like having a well-behaved dog. The best way to train a dog is through positive reinforcement. This can be achieved through training with delicious dog treatsand praise. It will keep your dog mentally stimulated and teach her basic commands so that she can be part society and be seen in a positive way.

  4. One-on-one time.Your dog loves you. Show him that you like spending time with him. Just him. This can be walking, playing fetch or simply lounging on the couch while you pet him.

  5. Grooming time. If your dog tends to shed a lot, carve out a little time to brush her even if it just ten minutes. First, it will get your pet use to a comb or brush. Secondly, this is a good bonding time that your dog seeks from you. Of course, make sure to praise her and give her treats while she is behaving.

  6. Massage. Dogs aren’t that much different from humans. We know that a good massage is invigorating. Pets know this, too.  So give him those belly rubs and ear scratches and you will see how happy your dog will be.

2 thoughts on “6 Ways to Pamper Your Dog

  • Darlene Uhlenkott
    July 30, 2019 at 1:02 pm

    Thank you for these ideas (& reminders). Our pup, Bella, is a 14 1/2 year old short legged Jack Russell terrier that has been a delight (& an adventure) to live with. As her life is now winding down (kidney disease), she is eating treats she rarely got before (she used to love a variety of fresh fruits & vegetables). She still likes to “trot-charge ahead” of her dog pal Toby on 1/2 mile walks & absolutely loves belly, ear & chin scratches. For all that she’s given us, she certainly deserves a golden sunset??????

  • Melanie Kaufman
    July 31, 2019 at 12:16 am

    Ive been so lucky with both dogs and kittys my oldest dog Snoopy a doxie went to the bridge at 16 snd my Vinnie a chowchow was 1 day short of 15 its never easy..Yes she deserves a golden sunset to be sure,they are our family our best friends…

    There is no difference when they pass it hurts just the same I wish they could live aslong as parrots(thry live to at least 70)

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