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Observant Dog Saves Elderly Neighbor

Sometimes people worry about living next door to a dog. For one elderly man in Australia, he’s lucky that he did. After falling in his backyard and being unable to get help, Zeus, a neighbor’s observant dog, came to the … Continue reading

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Cold Dog Paws In Frosty Weather: Protect Your Dog’s Feet in the Winter

Since dogs have sweat glands in their toes, the moisture there can form into balls of ice when they abruptly leave a warm indoor environment and go into very cold temperatures. These ice balls can be so uncomfortable that a … Continue reading

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Cat Helps Cops Catch Criminal

Attentive cops use all sorts of clues to help them catch criminals. Often, they’re helped in their pursuit of fugitives by people who call in tips or point in the direction that someone ran. According to the York Daily Register, on … Continue reading

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Snowflake the Dog Saves Loose Dog on Busy Road

On December 28, Krista Dietz was driving with Snowflake Dixon, a Bichon Frise, in the city of Virginia Beach. On a busy road near an interstate, Krista spotted unusual driving from a van. When she looked closer, she could tell … Continue reading

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Halo and Bone Marche Make A Difference For Minneapolis Pets

Today Halo Pets and Bone Marche celebrate our partnership of making a difference for Minneapolis pets. Halo donates a bowl of food with every purchase, resulting in 1.5 million bowls of Halo to shelter pets annually. During this 4-hour pet-friendly event, … Continue reading

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