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No Halo Products Affected By Vitamin D Pet Food Recalls

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As pet parents, we too find pet food recalls to be scary, so we want to assure you that Halo is not affected by the recent recall in which several pet foods have been found to have unsafe levels of vitamin D. According to, “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating the presence […]

Need Help Sleeping at Night? Consult Your Dog.

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As the temperatures drop, now you’ve got more reasons to make it a 1-, 2-, or 3-dog night. The Journal of the National Society of Anthrozoology just reported that women say their sleep is less disturbed and they have greater feelings of security and comfort when a dog sleeps in their bed. While 55 percent […]

Thrive Market Partners with HALO SpokesPets to Help Animals in Need

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Halo Pets & Thrive Market are teaming up this holiday season to help our fellow furry friends in need! With this promotion they are offering first time customers 20% off their order of their favorite Halo Pets products. In addition to the 20% off you’ll get from Thrive Market when you use Manny the Frenchie […]

Malaria-Sniffing Dog May Help Wipe Out Disease

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We know all dogs have a powerful sense of smell. Whether we’ve brought a fresh loaf of bread into the house or carried a rotten bag of food out of it, their nose knows. And, of course, when we return home after sitting in a coffee shop or playing with someone else’s dog (gasp!), they […]

Keep Your Dog In Shape this Winter

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While scientific studies show that pets who are even slightly overweight have decreased vitality and are at risk for complications that shorten their lifespans, still 56% of cats and 60% of dogs in the U.S. qualify as overweight or obese. So while we love to give dogs the food, treats, and even scraps they love, […]