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Why is My Dog Eating Grass?

Summer is in full swing and by now your lawn is probably green. While admiring the fruits of your labor in the yard, are you wondering if you adopted a mini cow instead of a dog? Does he or she gorge on the grass in your garden or stop and nibble while taking a walk? Are you curious as are all of us, why your dog is eating grass?

Chewy Influencers Love Halo Liv-a-Littles Protein Treats

For the past few weeks, influencers were able to try Halo Liv-a-Littles® Protein Treats. Here’s what they had to say: Did your pet “Liv-a-Littles” today? …I mean, did they taste this Awesomeness of freeze-dried whole chicken breast? Liv-a-Littles from Halo are a yummy protein treat good for both dogs and cats ? They are also good for

A Basset Hound and A Westie Review Halo Liv-a-Littles®

M.K. Clinton, author of The Returns, a hilarious dog adventure that takes place in New Orleans, recently had her two live-in dogs review Halo Liv-a-Littles®. Bentley, a basset hound and her “grandson,” Pierre, a Westie, shared their thoughts on our natural protein treats thanks to Here’s what they had to say: Bentley: “This Basset