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Golden Retriever Saves His Lost Canine Sister

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Knox, a Golden Retriever in Grand Lake, Oklahoma, deserves a hero’s cape and reward after finding his canine sister who had been lost, alone and hungry, for days. According to News On 6, although rewards, boats, and drones were unsuccessful and finding Tara Vreeland’s missing dog, Knox came to the rescue. Tara has three dogs, […]

Canadian Dog Alerts Owner to Fire

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Not everyone would be grateful if their pet woke them up when they were trying to nap. However, Neshan Wagstaffe is incredibly grateful that his dog Clouseau woke him from a midafternoon nap. Because of Clouseau, Neshan was able to safely exit his home when it burned down for the second time in less than […]

Brave HSUS Rescuers Risk Lives to Save Stranded Pets

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On September 1, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) was coordinating with other agencies and animal welfare organizations to rescue as many animals as possible who had been affected by Hurricane Harvey. They received a request to help a Chihuahua and a cat who were stranded in a flooded home. Christopher Schindler and […]